About Jami

Hi! I’m Jami. A happily married woman with two wonderful children. Born in Canada, I moved to Australia when I was 14. It took many years for me to fall in love with this amazing country, but I now call Australia home. 

I have lived in the Sunshine Coast area since 2018, and love the almost constant sunshine. 

I’m passionate about helping Aussie Mums make their homeschool lives as easy and in line with their unique lives, as possible. 

I enjoy life when my brain is able to think of many different things. I do not subscribe to the notion of ‘busy’, but I do enjoy when my days are filled with lots of opportunities to do different things. 

Our Homeschool Philosophy

It was after our first year of homeschooling again, that Lily said “Mum, don’t look at what other people are doing, let’s homeschool the way that works for us!” 

That is how our #homeschoolphilosophy came about. 

We view learning as a constant part of living, so we just live our life and learn along the way. 

We don’t follow a curriculum, or a style and we do not fit neatly into one box. 

One aspect of our philosophy, and one I highly recommend is to outsource the subjects you least like teaching. This frees you up to do the teaching that brings you most joy. Making memories with your child as they learn is one of my favourite aspects of homeschooling. 

Our Homeschool Journey Thus Far

We started out homeschooling Lily, but halfway through grade 2, we put her into school. I needed to go back to work, and she was happy to try school. She was at school until the end of grade 4. By that time, she was begging to come back to homeschooling. She just didn’t like school. I had just had Jax and he had several issues as a baby that required frequent appointments and surgery at 10 months, so I wasn’t too keen. However, it soon became apparent that her mental health was more important, so we decided she’d come back to homeschooling for grade 5. 

She wanted to try grade 7, however halfway through the year, it was apparent the school could not provide her the quality education she had become accustom to; so she came back and finished school mid year this year. 

Jax has never been to mainstream school, and if I  hazard a guess, I’d say he never will. But who knows what the future holds.