ANZAC Day Wonder Sheets


Wonder Sheets allow your child to learn in small snippets!

English, Maths, art, games and, in this case – about ANZAC Day.

Designed to allow your child to learn other important parts of ANZAC day, rather than focusing on war, death, etc. 


1. Why poppies are used as a symbol of remembrance

2. What is ANZAC DAY?

3. Where is Gallipoli?

4. Why do we have a dawn service?

Includes extra resource ideas, for further learning.

Instant PDF download.


Wonder Sheets are Jami’s creations started when her eldest daughter became averse to any bookwork.

To ensure some English (including Spelling), maths, science, art and critical thinking were being learned, Jami created these A4 packs.

ANZAC Day is a special pack because it was one of the last created before her daughter grew out of them.

A sensitive child, her eldest was adamant about not learning about any wars, so these Wonder Sheets contain minimal references, and rather focus on other aspects, to ensure children can still learn and understand these important aspects, without creating broken hearts.

Wonder Sheets are a perfect way to learn through small snippets of engaging activities.


This is an instant PDF download.


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