Australia & Me – HASS Curriculum – All Primary Aged

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Finally, a HASS Curriculum for Aussie Homeschoolers.

Created to connect your family together, through games, discussions and learning as one.

A 10 week, one-of-a-kind, fully aligned to the National Curriculum, program.

5 units dedicated to helping your primary aged children learn about how they fit into the continent, Australia. 

Written by Jami Lyn (a homeschooler with over 11 years of experience), with the help of a registered teacher; these lessons have been developed to inspire creativity, connection and exploration.

Please select your number of children and their age. Select Nil for the options that do not apply to you.
(you will need to fill in all the boxes)

The cost depends on how many children you have. I have tried to keep the cost to a minimum.


You’ll receive all the printed material you’ll need for the program, including:

    • Lapbook Pack (Each Unit uses 1 Lapbook)
    • Parent Guide
    • Children’s Workbook – One per child
    • Poster showing Australia’s biomes and elevation
    • ‘State of Origin’ game cards
    • Timeline Pictures
    • Positive Mindset Cards

All professionally printed using a Brisbane printing company.

Keeping it Australian developed and locally made is important to me. 

The Units

Unit 1: Australia – Landscapes, biomes, shape, + more.

Unit 2: Your State – Dive into your State/Territory.

Unit 3: Your Local Area – Connect with your local area and what is +-200km from you.

Unit 4: Your Family – Connect with your heritage, family, make memories, + more.

Unit 5: You – Dig deep into yourself

The lessons:

  • All lessons are designed in a way that allows all your primary aged children to participate in the same lesson. Simply organised in the Parent Guide, on 1 A4 page, to allow you more time connecting with your children, and less worrying about where each child is up to.
  • Allows space for incidental learning with hands-on activities and games and an out of the box activity booklet.
  • The lapbook is designed for family learning. Picture all your children gathered around the lapbook, learning, laughing and participating in the lesson.
  • The Workbook is designed for individual learning. Writing is kept to a minimum, and as the parent, you are encouraged to write their answers if they are not quite up to the writing confidently stage. There is no need for pressure to write.
  • Encourage you to have discussions with your children during each lesson. Guided questions offer age-appropriate options to think about. Discussions are encouraged to be had on walks, during a fun tea time, in the car or during dinner time.

It’s time for families to focus on connections rather than outcomes.

However, by following all the lessons, you can flip to the back of your parent guide to see what National Curriculum outcomes you’ve achieved.

Take all the time you need. There is no rush. Whilst this is a 10-week program, it is managed by you. It’s your homeschool lifestyle, so once you receive the Parent Guide, you will get a feel for how to organise your time.

Have any questions? Send me an email:, or come over to The HASSle Free Curriculum Instagram page. 

What parents have said:

I think it’s great! I’m learning some things too, like about the JBT. haha.. I never even knew it existed.

-Mum from QLD.

My boys loooooooved it!!!!! … I wish I could have filmed my boys faces they were so happy! I feel so lucky to know you and have this!

-Mum of two boys in Discovery, living in NSW.

Additional information

Number of Children

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Age of Child 1

Discovery (Aged 5-8), Milestone (Aged 8-10), Plateau (Aged 10-12)

Age of Child 2

Discovery (Aged 5-8), Milestone (Aged 8-10), Nil, Plateau (Aged 10-12)

Age of Child 3

Discovery (Aged 5-8), Milestone (Aged 8-10), Nil, Plateau (Aged 10-12)

Age of Child 4

Discovery (Aged 5-8), Milestone (Aged 8-10), Nil, Plateau (aged 10-12)

1 review for Australia & Me – HASS Curriculum – All Primary Aged

  1. Jessica Francis (verified owner)

    I ordered the Australia and me curriculum for myself and my 2 daughters. HASS was dry and boring the way I was delivering it before now they are both engaged and loving learning all about their country and it’s history. 100% recommend. I love the homeschool approach and it works perfectly in my home. Great value for money!


      Oh, I love that this has been so well received by your girls! I’m so happy for you and them, that HASS can be taught in a meaningful and engaging way! Thank you soooo much for your review! Truly, it means a lot! <3

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