UNDATED – The Easy Way-Homeschool Planner-2022


This is the Undated version. 

Keep It Simple.
Remove the fluff.

Your 2022 homeschool year deserves to be recorded in a simplistic, functional and beautiful planner, so you can look back with pride and nostalgia in years to come.

Postage is on me! I post out twice a week – Monday and Thursday Mornings. 🙂

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Undated, to allow you to start recording your homeschool, on the first page. 

If you’d like to receive the digital planner, use the code- planner – to receive 50% off the digital planner.  This will enable you to print off extra sheets, to have those pages at full display throughout the term/year.

This is Jami’s 8th Homeschool Planner, and every year she designs it with a specific purpose in mind. This year, the purpose is to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Get rid of the fluff, you know the extra pages that we think we need but we don’t really use anyways and get back to basics.

The Easy Way Homeschool Planner 2022, has everything you need to plan your homeschool year.

Or if you are like Jami, you can retrospectively (or in real-time), record what your child is learning.

126 Pages include:

  • 2022 Calendar
  • Year Overview – organised by terms
  • Subject Overview – A single page that allows you to segment the subject into 4 terms, record resources and notes/reflections
  • ‘Term’ Overview – dated. This planner is divided into four monthly blocks. A two-page spread includes a calendar view of the three months, and sections for excursions, resources and subjects/goals to focus on. This is the only aspect of the planner that is dated.
  • Weekly Overview – undated. A two-page spread that includes a blank calendar, notes, and space for each day of the week, and a whole notes page for extended writing. This spread was game-changing for Jami and other fellow homeschoolers when it was introduced in the 2020 homeschool planner. It has been redesigned but has the same concept.
  • End of year reflection

Australian Native flower watercolour design, allows for a beautiful flat lay display, without requiring an overload of printer ink.  

This is a physical copy, printed and bound by a professional printing press in Brisbane.
Printed on 100gsm bond (uncoated) paper, with a 350gms front cover. Coil bound. Free Postage. 


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