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The Easy Way Homeschool Planner 2022


My Philosophy about homeschool planning

The stories we tell ourselves about planning/recording often involve words like:

  • hard
  • time-consuming
  • confusing

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can reframe our understanding of what it can be:

  • rewarding
  • time-saving
  • nostalgic

Having a planner with this understanding is essential in helping you shift your perspective. 

Keep a simple written record of your homeschool life, to look back and remember the year that was.


Ready to print double sided. You'll be planning in no time, as you do not need to organise the pages. It's all been done for you.

Dated & UNdated now available

Printed and Bound by a printing press in Brisbane. #keepingitlocal
Making it even more simple for you to start planning and recording.

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Check out the spreads

a 'Lay flat' planner, allows you to see these -for purpose- spreads.

On the Left

Year Overview

Broken into 4 sections giving you just the right amount of space to organise what you'll teach/kids will learn in each term.

On the Right

Subject Overview

Organise the content in each term, as well as the resources you'll use. Notes/Reflection section at the bottom to help with reporting, memories and important information. English, Maths, Science & Technology, HASS, Language & Arts, PE.

On the Left

Term Overview

Decide on your term dates and write notes for each month. Terms are divided into 3 monthly periods to break the year into manageable chunks.

On the Right

Term, closer up

Notes section at the top for anything important. Excursions/outings and resources you're using. Then subject/goals section. This section is broken up by slight areas to give you the freedom to record either by subject, child, or a way you find suitable.


On the Left

Weekly View

Dated with a calendar view to show where you're up to. Section to record events happening and goals you are working towards as well as a notes section. Then onto the daily view, with enough space to record the subject and resource.

On the Right

Large notes

This section gives you all the freedom to record/plan the bigger notes for the week. Designed for ultimate flexibility, and to keep the left side simple and short.

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126 pages, however when printing double sided, you’ll only use 63 pages.

  • Yearly Calendar
  • Yearly Overview
  • 4x terms overview
  • Yearly Subject plan
  • Weekly double spread for recording/planning
  • End of year reflection

This is my 8th homeschool planner.